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Welcome to Caring Hands Services, Inc. We are a women-owned , Washington, D.C. based company established in 1999. We specialize in expediting the following services:

Document legalization: The processing of preparing documents for individuals and companies for use in foreign countries. Our clients include families engaged in international adoptions, companies and law firms conducting business overseas, teachers seeking employment overseas, US citizens living outside the country requiring assistance for residence or employment in the country they reside, etc.

Visa Processing: Obtaining travel visas for individual and /or corporate travelers

Passport Processing: Assisting individuals, who quickly need to obtain a first passport, renew or amend a current passport or replace a lost or stolen passport.

Traveling Notary: Bring notarial services to individuals and companies within Washington D.C.

Court Research: Acquiring documents for individuals, companies and law firms from the Courts, Legislative Agencies, and Libraries etc.

With over a decade of experience, the Caring Hands Team is poised to expedite the processing of all services. Our work begins as soon as your request arrives in our office. We understand the time constraints involved in operating in the global marketplace and will work to reduce your turn-around time, to enable you to meet your deadlines.

The success of Caring Hands Services, Inc. comes from our ability to be efficient, timely, and cost effective. We are committed to maintaining our focus on customer service and treating every client as an individual with individual needs.

International Adoptions

International Adoptions

Brighten the future of a child from another culture.

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