International Adoption Service Procedures

Items to be included in your package to Caring Hands:

Order Request Form – View Order Request Form

 Original documents to be authenticated.

 Copies (if necessary).

 Appropriate payment (checks and/or money orders as appropriate) payable to the appropriate individuals.

  • Fees for the US State Department should be included with Caring Hands fee .. The U.S. State Department’s fee is $8.00 per document and only accepts 15 documents per day per family or agency.
  • Money orders or cashiers checks to the individual Embassy/Consulate. For specific requirements please contact our office.
  • Checks to Caring Hands should be payable to Caring Hands Services, Inc. Caring Hands accepts Personal Checks, Company Checks, Money Orders and/or Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard and AmEx – 5% service fee for credit card payments)

When submitting documents for adoption in China only, please enclose a copy of your Driver’s License or your Passport information page for each individual adopting a child.

New G1 form (Click here)

The New G1 form must be typed – Please complete as follows:
  • New G1 form (Click here)
  • Section 1 – Complete this section up to Agent
  • Section 2 – Leave Blank
  • Section 3 – List all the documents in your dossier
  • Section 4 – List Adoption
  • Section 5 – List Adoption Paperwork and the number of documents being submitted
  • Sign and date

 Prepaid mailer (i.e., Federal Express, UPS, USPS, etc.) to return completed documents to you. Please be sure to keep the “Sender’s Copy” of your waybill so that you are able to track the package at a later date if needed.

NOTE: If you have additional questions or need clarification when forwarding your documents to Caring Hands, do not hesitate to call (202) 554-2277 and speak to an individual directly. Caring Hands will walk you through each step to ensure that the information you forward with your documents is thorough and complete.