Adoption Fees

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China Dossier Surcharge:

During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, processing dossiers for Chinese adoptions have become increasingly onerous. To deal with our added costs we are instituting a temporary surcharge on Chinese dossiers until such time as normal processing resumes.

Beginning Monday, August l0th, 2020, a $40.00 surcharge will be charged on a per-family basis:

Embassy only processing will move from $55.00 to $95.00

1 Document processing through State Dept & Embassy will move from $70.00 to $110.00

2-15 Documents processing through State Dept & Embassy will move from $110.00 to $150.00


Flat Rate Adoption Authentication Fees:
(Services to U.S. Department of State and D.C. Embassies)

1 document per family, per day $ 70.00
2- 15 documents per family, per day $ 110.00
30 documents per family, per day $ 160.00
Delivery Service to D.C. Embassies (Round trip charge per Family) $ 55.00
Cash Layout Cost + 10% surcharge
Adoption Visa
$50.00 in jurisdiction
$90.00 out of Jurisdiction plus shipping
Rush Adoption Visa
$85.00 in jurisdiction
$165.00 out of Jurisdiction plus shipping (where available)
(For payments to U.S. State Department and/or Embassies that are not included with documents in original request)
Xerox Copies $ 1.00 per page
Next Day Rush Service (When Available) Additional $ 30.00
Same Day Rush Service (When Available) Additional $ 50.00
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Embassy Delivery
2 documents $55 and $10.00 for each additional document (Maximum 15 documents per family per day)
D.C. Treasurer fee $ 15.00 per document

US Department of State only – $50.00 for the first 2 documents and $10.00 for each additional document.

NOTE: If documents are rejected by the US Department of State or the embassy, once corrected, they will again be charged Caring Hands service fee for re-submission.

Shipping processing for any State in the U.S.:

States only requiring Secretary of State
Up to 3 states – (No limit of documents)
$ 200.00
Each additional state $ 50.00
States requiring both the Clerk of the Court and Secretary of State
(No limit of documents) $ 45.00 each office
Clerk of the Court (fee varies) Call for fee
Secretary of State (fee varies) Call for fee

NOTE: Caring Hands will drop off your authenticated document(s) to a courier of your choice (i.e., FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS) for overnight delivery to you at no charge. However, payment of overnight charges is your responsibility. Please include a prepaid return envelope with your documents.

NOTE: Caring Hands also offers reasonable courier rates for pickup and delivery of adoption documents for customers located in selected Washington, D.C., area locations. Please call (202) 554-2277 for more information.