“Thank you for your fabulous service! You were a life saver! Thank you for treating us like people, not numbers. You went out of your way to speak to me each time I called (there were numerous)! That did so much to calm us. Thanks Again!”
Tammy Wait

“Thank you again for your help! Thanks to Caring Hands, we gained at least 10 days on our dossier handling. Your Team is wonderful!”
Susan Domagala

“Thanks for all your assistance in our adoption process. You’ll probably remember me as I was one of the four who had our visas “misplaced” by FedEx a few days before we were to leave. We’ve been back a while now and just wanted to send along a photo of our new addition! Thanks again for your assistance and persistence in finding the passports and visas.”
Joanne Phillips

“I just had to write you and express my gratitude and thanks for your help in moving our adoption papers to embassies last week. I was in a panic over how the PA State Department slowed everything down. You were a voice of calm and confidence when I needed it most. I appreciate the fact that you realized it is a baby we’re talking about, not just documents. I hope you realize what a difference you make in people’s lives. You sure made a difference in mine and I will never forget it. Thank you again for everything! Fondly,”
Karen Bartnett

“I give Caring Hands an AAA+ rating for their timely service and everything. This is the best quality service I can expect from anyone. I cannot stop raving about them. Thank you for recommending them to us. There is no way we can complete everything without their help. Caring Hands is the best!”
Sherry Cai and Jeff Liu