Document Legalization Fees

Corporate Document Fees

Caring Hands Services

Caring Hands Services is committed to providing exceptional service at a fair price for our clients. During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, that process has become increasingly onerous as it pertains to processing documents for use in China. We have had to hire additional staff to deal with the increased requirements of the Chinese Embassy to process documents.

To address this situation, we are instituting a temporary surcharge to the processing of China documents only. Beginning Monday, August 10th, 2020, a $40.00 surcharge will be added to each invoice and listed as a line item on your invoice.

This surcharge will stay in effect until we return to what resembles normal processing. We appreciate your understanding as we all navigate through this difficult time. 

Carol Garland

DC Secretary of State or
US Department of State only Washington DC only



All other Secretary of Fees

$50.00 for the first document
$40.00 for each additional document



$70.00 for the first document
$50.00 for each additional document

US Department of State and Embassy $ 95.00 for the first document
$ 75.00 for each additional document
Secretary of State, Department of State and the Embassy $ 135.00 for the first document
$ 95.00 for each additional document
Washington DC Notarization, DC Notary Authentication Office, US Department of State and the Embassy $ 155.00 for the first document
$ 100.00 for each additional document
Cash Layout Cost + 10% surcharge
Xerox Copies $ 1.00 per page


The above service fees are separate from the Fees assessed by the Secretary of State, Department of State, and Embassy or any other agency.

Additional Authentication Fees: Hand-delivery processing also available in the following jurisdictions:

VIRGINIA (For the first document) $ 200.00
Each Additional Document $ 35.00
Secretary of the Commonwealth fee $ 10.00 per document
MARYLAND Call for processing fee
Clerk of the Court $ 1.00 – $ 2.00 per document
Secretary of State fee $ 2.00 per document


Shipping fees for any State in the U.S.:

Standard shipping fee of $ 30.00 per delivery for USPS and $45.00 per delivery for FedEx. Pricing is for Standard overnight weekday Delivery only.


NOTE:  Caring Hands will drop off your completed document(s) to the courier of your choice (FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS) at no charge additional charge. Payment for return delivery charges are your responsibility. Please include a prepaid return mailer with your documents.

NOTE:  Caring Hands offers reasonable courier pickup and delivery rates for customers located in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., area locations. Please call (202) 554-2277 for more information.